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Outdoorsmen in Action is the Official Fiscal Sponsor of CrowdSource Rescue. Your donations are tax-deductible.

Outdoorsmen in Action is a registered 501c3 nonprofit company


CrowdSource Rescue is a public-safety grade platform that uses next-generation technology to quickly connect both professional first-responders and vetted volunteers with response, relief, and recovery cases before, during, and immediately after a disaster.

CrowdSource Rescue started in the midst of Hurricane Harvey as a way to organize rescues in a Houston neighborhood. Little did they realize that during the disaster they would help connect over 12,000 professional and volunteer rescuers with 35,000 people in need of rescue, using mapping and dispatching technology that was developed on the fly. What began as a small project to help a community in need became the absolute go-to resource for organizations mounting responses all over Texas and the Gulf.

Outdoorsmen in Action relied heavily on the intel, direction and support of the Crowdsource Rescue platform during their response and relief efforts in South Texas in 2017. The technology and processes they have developed are second to none, and a game-changer in disaster response and relief.

As a federally recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization since 2013, Outdoorsmen in Action is proud to be the fiscal sponsor for Crowdsource Rescue. We have thrown our full support behind them, and now utilize their technology in the administration and operations of all of our teams and chapters nationwide.

Any donations made toward CrowdSource Rescue's efforts are tax-deductible and will be used directly for vetted needs identified with our partners, Crowdsource Rescue.


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