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Outdoorsmen in Action is committed to impacting the lives of disaster survivors by meeting immediate and long-term needs and providing the services essential to their recovery. We hold the hands of survivors as they traverse what is likely the hardest season of their life. Are you ready to make a difference?


We want every member of OIA working in their wheelhouse. This is what that looks like:



Scout Teams: the first on scene. They are ready to roll at a moment’s notice to observe and report back to HQ with what the needs of a fresh disaster area will be. You will be on-call 24 hours a day when a disaster strikes your area. These teams often help out with search and rescue and road clearing, so further certification may be required upon joining.


Tactical Teams: when our trailers roll up, the tactical teams help unload essential supplies, get them loaded into the transport vehicles, and go to work canvasing the area. These volunteers will work with survivors, obtaining the information necessary to meet immediate needs and ensure proper follow-up. They will distribute needed supplies and communicate information back to HQ. This information is passed onto our network to assist with follow-up and meeting long-term needs. These teams also assist with voluntary evacuations in flood zones and assisting people to getting settled into shelters.


Follow-Up Team: using the OIA database, these members follow up with the survivors that our tactical teams have previously made contact with, ensuring that needs have been met, identifying new issues, and oftentimes providing emotional or spiritual support. Some of these team members may be CISM-trained chaplains, counselors, or local pastors. 


Reach Team: these people are our keyboard warriors, our business networkers, and our fundraisers. They work tirelessly in their own sphere of influence - whether it be in their social media circles, their businesses or their personal networks - to raise awareness of Outdoorsmen in Action, or vision and our current needs.

Cook Team: these pitmasters and backyard warriors help us with our popup feeding operations. Typically deployed just one day at a time, these teams get sent into areas where large volunteer forces are assembled for various work projects. Having meals onsite draws more clean-up volunteers and keeps them there longer. Jobs include picking up food donations and purchases, hauling cook trailers, cooking, building to-go boxes, distributing and delivering food, filling coolers, and everything in between. 


*Other teams that may be assembled during long-term or unusual disasters include security teams, search and rescue, and other necessary detachments to provide for specific needs

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